Vintage Eagle

According to Wikipedia – The eagle with its keen eyes symbolized perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered “king of the skies” and messenger of the highest Gods. With these attributed qualities the eagle became a symbol of power and strength in Ancient Rome (and many other nations throughout history have used the eagle to protray themselves as strong and powerful).

America is ready for a third party

After reading this article from the Gallop Poll web site (click here for the article),  I had a few thoughts.

For whom do the Independent voters show up at the ballot box to cast their preference for Independence in a two party system?


People that vote using conscience or researched conclusions generally stay at home on election day because their sense of morality disallows condoning a broken system, saying that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil .


What can be done with those who have been taught (incorrectly) and truly believe that their vote doesn’t matter?


What can be done with those that continue to buy into whatever the current sales pitch is for the Red Team or the Blue Team? Never mind that for the last 40 years, every campaign promise from either team has been broken. When I was a child I was taught that making a promise to manipulate someone to do you a favor, with no intention of keeping the promise,  was LYING. Politicians on both teams LIE.


Then there are those that refuse to vote because they believe that it just no longer matters because our Representative Republic is actually being run by “Special Interests” that fund lobbyists and contribute heavily to Democrat and Republican campaigns, often to all opposing candidates in the same race.


What if America was no longer a Representative Republic? What if America was an Oligarchy, run by those that want to have a monopoly on most everything? What if those with the monopolies started telling the Federal Government what to do? What if America was already at the point that “Special Interests” are running the show?


As long as we are a two party system, it should be pretty easy where to point the finger of blame for the demise of our Republic because there are only two parties in D.C., right?  Nope. It is our fault for letting the foxes get into the hen house and not chasing them out with a shotgun.


It’s our fault for not teaching our children their duties and obligations for being a good citizen.  How could they possibly know that the price for Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, when we haven’t even taught them what vigilance is, or the power of knowledge, or critical thinking skills. And now we are fighting a losing battle against Common Core?


Things are not going to get better until we train our kids and grand kids to understand the responsibilities and commitments necessary to maintain our unalienable rights and motivate them to work for those rights.


A Brief History of Healthcare

The healthcare delivery system in America has improved with the advancements in technology and medical breakthroughs over the years. In every other industry on the planet, the costs have always gone down with technology and breakthroughs. Why is it that Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, well beyond the rate of inflation, over the last 50 years? Since the implementation of Medicare in 1970, medical inflation has run 15% or more and now Healthcare is on pace to be 20% of the GDP from   >5% of GDP throughout American history prior to Government intrusion.

Watch this short video:


GAGOP Debate – Augusta

In the background at the GOP Senate Debate in Augusta with Derrick Grayson and one of our Liberty Friends (note the BitCoin tee shirt).  I was a part of Derrick’s campaign staff, traveling the state, filming and live streaming events.

Be sure to check out Minister Derrick Grayson’s YouTube Channel – TMOTofGA

Campaigning in Athens

Campaigning with Derrick Grayson in Athens on July 10, 2013 along with Team Grayson  at a TEA Party conference.  Republicans, TEA Party members, Libertarians and Democrats were in attendance .  We got to speak to many folks fighting the battle for Liberty.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

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Ben Swann

Ben Swann

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen

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Not pictured, but present at the event –  Adrian Wylie for Governor of Florida,  Crystal Wright and many others.